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Sharing the Commitment: 3rd Annual Parent Conference

Sharing the Commitment is a collaborative
advisory committee to the Exceptional Student
Education (ESE) division of Collier County Public
Schools. The mission of the Advisory is to work
for understanding of, respect for, and support of
all children with disabilities within
the community.

The advisory has been created:

  • To have an active network of
    parents who work together to provide the best
    services and programs for our children;
  • To educate and support parents in advocating
    for their children;
  • To provide a forum for parents of students with
    disabilities for active engagement in special
    education initiatives;
  • To foster effective communication,
    commitment, and shared responsibilities
    between the school district, parents and
    community agencies with focus on improved
    outcomes for children with disabilities ages
  • To provide opportunities for increased
    parental involvement and networking
    opportunities through Sharing the
    Commitment activities, such as: PEER
    parents, trainings, conferences, and Advisory
    meetings; and
  • To obtain understanding of policies, programs
    and practices, and legislation that impacts
    services to school-age students with disabilities.


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Who makes up the ESE Advisory?

The Parent Liaison/Director of South Florida Parent
Center, and the Director of Exceptional Student
Education co-chair the ESE Advisory. General
membership is open to any interested person. A voting
member is limited to the Advisory Board membership.
The Advisory Board includes parents of children
receiving special education services in the school
district, district and school-based administrators,
Florida Department of Education discretionary project
coordinators, and community agencies who provide
not-for-profit services and support to Collier’s students
with disabilities.

Why should you be involved in
Sharing the Commitment?

Sharing the Commitment members want to make a
difference in the education of all children. Through
your participation, you will have the opportunity
to gain knowledge and skills necessary to become
more comfortable in your role as a partner in the
education process. Sharing the Commitment offers
parent education in special education instruction,
related services, District practices, and pending
If you have any questions about Collier County
Public Schools Exceptional Student Education (ESE)
program and services, please reference the
district website at
or you may call:

  • Your child’s school Intervention Support
    Specialist, or
  • A district ESE administrator at (239) 377-0108
    or (239) 377-0153.


Keynote speaker Patricia Wright, Ph.D., the former national director of Easter Seals, will discuss new ideas in inclusive education. Ms. Wright is vice president of professional services for Rethink, an organization that provides parents and teachers with web-based access to effective, affordable curriculum and teaching tools for the growing population affected by autism spectrum disorders.

Other speakers and and events include:

  • Idela Hernandez is with Interpreting and Application Services LLC. We look forward to her helping us navigate the maze of government services.
  • Patricia Wright from Rethink, formerly the national director of Easter Seals, will be our keynote speaker. She will be speaking about the 7 catagories of struggle that face indivduals with varing abilities including relationships.
  • Loveland Community in Venice Fl. will be sharing with us how they are helping adults with disabilities live their lives to the fullest. They are presently building on a long term living facility for persons with disabilities. We are excited to hear all about it.
  • We have great news. Jack Kosik, Executive Director of Noah’s Ark, will be sharing his excitment about the progress he has made in creating a residential community in Lakeland Fl. They are about to break ground!
  • Our own Osprey Village Cohousing will be here to talk about their plans for a grassroots local affordable community for persons with disabilities and their families right here in Naples.
  • In addition we will be hosting a legal panel, breakout sessions on relevant topics, and community service provider tables.
  • New for this year we will have game and activity rooms for young adults
  • Raffle tickets will be on sale the day of the conference that will help support our ongoing activities .

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